Monday, February 27, 2012

Sick Day (4)

Happy Monday! I'm home again with a sick kiddo today. RSV hit our daycare hard, and C will be out all week. Thankful for my amazing mother-in-law who is coming to the rescue tomorrow so I don't have to burn through the rest of my time off! I was home with him last week on Thursday, daddy took Friday duty, and he wouldn't let me set him down. Poor little guy needed his mama, and I was happy to provide a day o' snuggles! Today, he is still coughing but seems to be feeling a little better.  It's amazing what I was able to get done while he's been napping:
2 loads of laundry
change sheets in guest room
prep 3 dinners this week
answer work emails
balance checkbook

Uber-productivity, all before noon! Not to mention  the fact that I get to enjoy extra snuggles with this sweet face all day:

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