Friday, February 24, 2012

Mom Uniform...the "mom-iform"? (2)

TGIF! Red wine in hand (loving Malbecs lately) + sick kiddo finally asleep = time for post 2 of the 40 in 40!

As a a mom, you can surely relate to this one:  You come home from work or wake up on the weekend and browse through your clothing. Sure there are jeans and cute tops, but if you're anything like us, you'll instantly gravitate toward your yoga pants, a cami, and a comfy sweater or sweatshirt. I mean, who would want to put on pants that require zipping, buttoning, or even *gasp* a belt? ESPECIALLY, when those last few pounds of baby weight continue to linger and nursing makes your formerly buxom breasts shift from deflated balloons to porn star wanna-be's, and back again.

We know that moms everywhere are rejoicing over the current "yoga-chic" and leggings trends, we are too! Here are a few of our current "Mom-iform" staples:

Old Navy Yoga Pants: They come LONG, which is perfect for tall gals like us. Have we mentioned we top out the charts at nearly 6 feet? We bonded over talk of inseams, I kid you not. A front seam and fabulous panel to help disguise those lingering baby pounds and we're sold.

An long, open cardigan like this Mossimo Cocoon Sweater is a new mom staple too. Bonus: makes access to mid day nursing sessions even easier. Pair with leggings and some boots and look cute AND comfy.

Speaking of boots, HUNTER boots are p.h.e.n.o.m. Legit. (as in, legitimately phenomenal). Not to mention all of the cute linings you can buy to spice things up. Check them out:

Finally, check out the Patagonia Half Mass bag. We bought this before Connor was born instead of a diaper bag. We're loving all the pockets, including an exterior pocket that's the perfect size for a bottle, and a front zipper pocket to store a spare pacifier (or, as we call them in our house a "goonie". Their return and repair policy is AWESOME, plus it comes in a multitude of fun colors too!

These are just a few key "mom-iform" peices. What can't you live without? What do you throw on after work or on a lazy Saturday?
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