Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday and Sunshine.

So we knew we'd be busy with kiddos, working full-time, working on degrees, taking/teaching classes, but we are both SO ready for summertime and a little break to enjoy the smiling faces of our precious kiddos.

We hope to do LOTS more of this...

Happy Friday!  Hope the sun is shining were you are, too!
p.s. although we're not ready to say that we're back in full-swing blogging, we hope to be back a little more frequently :)
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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dear Lady at the Grocery Store.

Dear Lady at the Grocery Store,
Thank You. Thank you for saving me in one of those incredibly awkward 'momma' moments. The kind where you want to do what's best for your baby girl, but not seem like a psycho momma. Thank you for telling the little boy who swooped upon my sleepy baby in the cart that we "don't touch, just look with your eyes". Thank you for noticing the trepidation on my face as I noticed his dirty hands getting closer to my sweet girl's cheeks an eyes and helping to stop him. Thank you for acknowledging the fact that I didn't want to make for an awkward situation because his grandma want watching him and certainly wasn't watching Liza. And lastly, thank you for not making a big deal out of it. I hope one day I can be a tactful, trendy, and all-knowing momma like you are.
A thankful momma
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