Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday Loves.

It's been while.  But it's Wednesday and we're linking up with Jamie to share our loves this week...

[1] Now that I'm off (kinda) for the summer, Liza and I usually start our mornings with this for a view as we run/walk at the waterfront.

[2] We had girls night last night.  It was much needed.  Connor and Liza got to play and laugh at each other.  Us girls got to talk all things baby.  The boys got to go fishing (not so much catching).

[3] Our garden and our CSA are in full swing!  We've already harvested spinach, peas, and radishes from our garden and our CSA included romaine, kale, swiss chard, kohlrabi, fennel and garlic scopes this week!  Stay tuned for a new kale recipe based on a taste of up north dish we got to try this weekend.

[4] Ice cream.  It's summer so it's ok to eat it every night, right??
[5] Terra sweet potato chips.  I could eat these all day long.

[6] Blueberries.  Miss Liza has decided that she prefers to feed herself and right now her food of choice?  Blueberries.  Preferably eaten in her dad's lap with her feet on the counter.

What are you [or your babies] loving this week??
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