Erin and Natalie, at Erin's wedding...before kiddos.

E & Liza, Nat & Connor.

Well, we're two (new-ish) mommas (who met on a blind friendship date, but more on that later...) facing the everyday joys, questions, amazement, frustrations and love of being moms, and trying to balance all of that while maintaining full-time jobs.  We figured we'd share some of what we've figured out and then we'd learn from you what we haven't yet discovered ourselves.
Our kiddos are little (C was born in June and L in September), so we are by no means experts.  In fact, some most of the time we consider it a good day if we make it out of the house on time,  with a little bit of make-up on.  But we're learning as we go and we think we've figured out one or two lessons worth sharing. Let's hope you think so too!

Want to know more or want to contact us -- shoot us an email at beingwonderwomen@gmail.com!
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