Thursday, August 9, 2012

2 Year Anniversary (E + JW)...6/26/12

We had an awesome anniversary (on June 26th...which explains how on top of our game we are in regard to posting...annnnnyway).

I'm pretty sure the traditional 2nd anniversary gift is cotton, but we didn't want new sheets or socks, so we decided to throw that out the window.  I'm also pretty sure that you're supposed to go out for a romantic dinner and buy flowers and cards and all that stuff.  Consider that tossed out the window as well.  We wanted to do something fun for our anniversary and buy gifts we could use forever.  That's why we bought each other....

Because I know you're curious, the orange one is mine; blue = JW's
KAYAKS!   Totally what you were going to guess, right?  Ok, well let me explain.  JW and I wanted something we could use forever and kayaks are seriously that.  The early evening of our anniversary we took them up to the lake, dropped them in, and headed north to the sandbar with a few beers and a bottle of bubbly from our wedding in a mini-cooler strapped to the kayak.  Did I mention we had no idea whether or not the champagne would even be any good?  It was 2 years old.  But since I was preggo and we couldn't drink it on our first anniversary, we figured it was worth a shot.  {side note: 2 year old champagne = delicious.}
JW & E

The kayak cruise was awesome.  The weather was beautiful and the lake was calm enough for us to cruise down to the sandbar and paddle right on back.  We had tons of laughs, reminisced about the fun times we had when we lived in Lansing, and enjoyed spending time just the two of us.  Therefore, the kayaks were perfect.
Photo taken using the Paper Camera iPhone/iPad app!
We've taken them out a few more times since buying them and one thing is for sure - they are calming.  When you step (carefully, mind you) into a kayak, life slows down.  It can only move as fast as you can paddle.  The physical and rhythmic paddling lets your mind drift off and it's a wonderful feeling.

As a busy working momma, this is key: find time to relax.

Anybody else have totally non-traditional anniversary gifts?  Because clearly leather (is that even the gift for 3 years?) is out and we'll be in need of something fun and relaxing :)
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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wednesday Loves!

It's Wednesday and after a rejuvenating lunch, we decided we should throw together a quick post, so here's what we're loving this busy, busy week:

[1] Our babes and hubbies.  obvi.

[2] Time to eat lunch.  with a bff.  outside.  with delicious sandwiches.  and brownies.  always need brownies.

What are you loving this week?

Are you a working momma?  What are you loving and can't live without??

p.s. we promise to post more soon and actually host this giveaway.  things are crazy-busy in the real-world.  
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