Friday, February 24, 2012

40 Posts in 40 Days!

During one of our many conversations on how to be the best mom, wife, cook, housekeeper, and employee, ever (aka, wonder woman),  we had the great idea to create a blog together. We've figured out some ways to make the life of a working mom a little easier (eg. Freezer Meals are our BEST friends), but thought it would be great to have a resource for other moms facing the same daily routine. We each had many blogs we loved, but the majority were written by stay at home moms.  We are very "pro-mom", whether you work within the home or work outside of it and don't get us wrong, we know that is a full-time job and and SAHM's are "working mom's" too, but there are challenges that are unique to working outside of the home. Challenges that we wanted a forum to discuss, thus, BEING WONDER WOMEN was born.

We admit, we've been slacking. It is hard to find the time to blog, so we've decided rather than giving something up for Lent this year, we're going to post 40 times in 40 days! We have some topics ready to go, but we'd love to hear from you on topics near and dear to your working mama heart. We'd also love some guest bloggers, so shoot us an email!

PS. It might be cheating, but this post is #1!
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