Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Working Momma iPhone Apps

We love our iPhones.  Quite simply, they're handy little buggers when you're busy as all get out...which we just happen to be.  We both work full-time and go to school on the side (Nat's getting her doctorate, teaching courses, and becoming one of the most educated people I know, while I'm completing my second master's).  On top of that we're trying to be great mommas to our little ones, great wives to our handsome husbands, making our houses homes, and making sure our families eat the best food available (and within our budget).  Keeping all of that in mind, here are ten of our favorite iPhone apps.

POSTAGRAM/SINCERELY INK.  These are LIFESAVERS.  Need to send a thank you but run out of stamps?  Need to send a birthday card that you don't have time to pick up?  Postagram and Sincerely Ink (same companies) allow you to do just that.  They actually send the postcard or card directly to your recipient for $0.99 (postcard) or $1.99-$2.99 (cards).  Pure awesomeness.  Oh, and if you have addresses saved in your contact book on your phone, it's a breeze to import that info!

BABY SIGN.  Connor and Liza go to the same daycare where they work on signing with the babies and toddlers.  In an effort to reinforce this at home, we picked up Baby Sign.  I believe we bought the additional pack (which may have been like $4.99) but it's well worth it.

WEE SING.  I'm not a huge fan of giving Liza my phone or having her watch videos, but when she is beyond fussy in the car and we can't get her to settle down, this app works like a charm.  It sings the alphabet song or you can go through the alphabet where they have sentences like "Benny the bear plays the banjo" and little jingles to go with them.

NIKE+.  We try to stay healthy and so when you're trying to squeeze in a quick walk at lunch or a run in the morning before you head to work, it's nice to keep tabs on how far and how long you've gone for.  It's motivation and it works.

FOODUCATE.  This app is great and scary all at the same time.  Trying to choose between different cereal bars?  Fooducate allows you to scan the bar code for a certain grocery.  If the item is in the database (and most name brands are), you'll get a 'grade' for that item and some reasons it was given that grade.  Fooducate also offers better suggestions.  Although we don't use it for every single item, it's a great way to check in on the food you're eating.

DIRTY DOZEN.  You've probably heard of the 'dirty dozen' and 'clean fifteen' in regard to when to buy organic or non-organic produce.  Despite many attempts, I can never seem to keep it all straight.  This app does just that.

DROPBOX.  As a momma on the run, I'm frequently using different computers/devices.  Between iPads and a MacBook at home, an iPhone, and a desktop and MacBook at work, it's SO helpful to use Dropbox to help sync documents, videos, pictures, and presentations so I can access them anywhere.  I can even use Dropbox's website if I'm not on a device I own.  Added bonus?  It's a great way to share pictures with friends and not worry about overloading their email.

BUY ME A PIE.  Despite its name, this is actually a grocery shopping app.  Its layout is simple and easy to navigate.  Items are color-coded based on the section of the store you'd find them in.  Unlike other apps, this one isn't FULL of sponsors which I definitely liked.  Another bonus?  You can sync across multiple phones as long as you have the same account - no more texting my husband a list, we simply create ours as the week goes on and then either of us can go to the store with the complete list.

BABY BRAIN.  This is an awesome app for when you have a newborn baby and are suffering from 'baby brain'.  It allows you to track sleep, diapers, bottles or boobs.  In fact a common phrase around our house during the first few weeks was 'can you add a boob' (meaning add on another nursing session)?  Though I don't use it nearly as much any more, it's great to help you remember 'what side', what time the little peanut ate last and how many wet/soiled diapers they've had.

What are your favorite iPhone apps that you come back to everyday (or almost everyday)?  We're always looking for more to add to our list!
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