Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday loves.

Oh hey, Wednesday!  It's been another beautiful, sunny week so what's not to love?  We're linking up with Jamie to share what we're loving this week.

[1] Our little peanuts.  They are happy.  They love to smile and laugh.  We are blessed.

[2] Cooler weather.  While our temps haven't soared nearly as high as some and we do enjoy some warm swimming weather, we're thankful for the relief of rainy and 65 today.  

[3] Hiking with Liza.  I mentioned before that we had picked up a Kelty backpack.  While it was pricy, we used our Cabelas points to help offset the cost!  Liza loves hiking with Daddy in the pack.  So far, we scoped out a nature preserve nearby and one of our favorite hiking spots near Burt Lake.  It's awesome that we can share one of our favorite outdoor activities with Liza (and Whit)!

[4] We're loving that we're hosting our first giveaway this week!  Subscribe to us by email or become a follower to make sure you don't miss out!

What are you loving??

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  1. Hey Erin thanks for visiting my blog! I have a crazy teaching schedule! I teach 9th grade PE, 10th grade Health, and then K-2nd PE (which is my favorite) in the afternoons! I am you newest follower :-)

  2. Visiting from WILW! That picture of your daughter in the hiking bacpack is priceless. Love it!



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