Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday Loves.

Holy hotness.  What is up with this 90 degree weather in Northern Michigan?  Good thing we both have family cottages nearby and can escape to the lake on the weekends!

Anyway, we're linking up with Jamie today (a momma-to-be) to share our loves!

[1] The lake.  Like we mentioned earlier there are tons of lakes nearby.  We're lucky enough to have family places within 45 minutes that we really do use as an escape on the weekend.  Cool breezes, campfires, lots of family time, and even some swimming time have made this heat bearable.

[2]  As always during the summer months we're loving fresh, local produce from our CSA and our garden.  Being able to feed our peanuts and hubbies good food always puts a smile on our faces!  Recipe for zucchini brownies coming TOMORROW.  So awesomely delicious and pretty good for you!

[3] A momma-only, baby-free half day of shopping...even though I bought a bunch of clothing for Liza-lou.

[4] Nuk sippy cups.  Liza and Connor both love these guys.  They're great for transitioning from a bottle to a sippy cup (especially since L used Nuk bottles).  Check out Liza's new ladybug cup!

[5] Wedding Season. Two weekends, two weddings. Natalie is working hard to perfect her role of bridesmaid this summer. It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it! Two words: Dancing machine.

[6] Of course, we're loving our husbands and littles ones, too!
C rocking the sunnies!

Happy L!
Nat & B
Liza and JW

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