Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend Update + Miscellany Monday

I started to type Weekend Wrap-Up, but quite frankly Weekend Update just reminds me of SNL and cracks me up....that's a good thing on a Monday morning.  Linking up with Carissa here.

Here's how our weekend went short sentences (can they even be considered that?) and very few capital letters:

[Friday Night]
shower prep at courtney's:  drink wine.  check out horses (tank and sue).  pick wildflowers.  drink wine.  vent about life.  drink wine.  make egg soufflĂ©.  drink wine.  enjoy 'girl time'.

[Saturday Morning + Afternoon]
more shower prep: bake scones.
operation distract liza while mom bakes.

get ourselves dressed.  get our babies dressed.  pack up a few things.  drive to court's.  do some last minute decorating (aka make poufs).  throw a shower for our dear friend, cathy.
cathy and her sister - they're both preggo with baby girls!

watch our crazy babies play and laugh together (priceless, btw).
i melt.

enjoy more 'girl time'.
court and momma-to-be cathy

e and nat - pardon our sleeeeeepy children who are about to have a meltdown.

clean up  from shower. put crazy, tired babies down for a nap.  put ourselves down for a nap.  clean up around the house.

[Saturday Evening]
E + JW's House: buy JW iPhone.  get takeout from applebees (hello wonton tacos).  play games on iPhones.
Nat + B's House: grocery store marathon (with the rest of town, apparently). roast fresh veggies, grill steak, enjoy a bottle of wine that leads to two on the deck resulting in lots of chatting. guilty pleasure 'american reunion' movie, feel like it's 1999 all over again.

E + JW: liza and momma waffle-making.  liza napping.  grocery shopping.  burt lake bound.  nature preserve hike.  cool off with a swim.  end-of-the-dock afternoon.  snoozing on the pontoon.  awesome dinner.  dq stop on the way home (ice cream is a must on the way home from the lake).  liza sleeping.  house cleaning.  catching up on life-ing.
Nat + B: bottle in bed = 6AM snuggles, family walk along the waterfront, Mama and Connor errands to Lowe's, Subway, new flowerpots, blowing bubbles outside, daddy golfing, dinner at cottage, dissertation writing.

needless to say, it was a great weekend.  time to catch up with friends and with life.  what are you all doing to beat the heat?

p.s. we're planning a giveaway of a beautiful handmade wooden cutting board and some other 'up north' goodies this week?  become a follower so you don't miss any of the action!
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