Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What We're Loving Wednesday!

These past few weeks have been busy!  And seeing as we're two full-time working mommas who also have been working on their Doctorate/Second Master's, that tends to eat up some of the time we used to have for blogging.  Anyway, there's always time to be thankful and to link up with Jamie and 'this kind of love' here's what we're loving this week.

[1] Snowday Cuddles.  We've had two snowdays in the past two weeks which have been bonus days to cuddle with our babies.  Or for them to snuggle together - like they did on Monday when C came to play for a little while!
Sleeping babies...aaah.

[2] Dads and babies.  A few weekends ago we all got out to Bay Harbor's Spice & Ice Festival!  Even the little peanuts liked it!

[3] SNOWSHOEING.  There's finally enough snow and we just took our first trek this past weekend.  Here's Liza afterwards.  She was perfectly content (aka sleeping) the whole time in our Bjorn carrier.

[4] A new blog design...(coming oh so soon) from The Cutest Blog on the Block!  Can't wait to get it on here!

[5] Getting back on the blogging bandwagon.  We've got some great tips and tricks to share.  Check out  our last few posts of making an adjustable crib skirt and tips for returning to work from maternity leave!

What are you loving this week?? 

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  1. Awwww baby cuddle and dads with babies! Awwww! So cute.

  2. Love the pic of the babies with their dads! Precious!


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